• Please do not supply anyone who calls your office with your TICA ID number or password. TICA will never require these details when calling your office.

  • Do not have your TICA ID number or Password written down anywhere near your office reception area. If you have any staff changes please change your password online.

  • Always remember to use the logout button to exit the system. Any members who are experiencing difficulties logging into TICA will need to check their cookie settings in their web browser. The platform uses session cookies the same cookies used by the Banks.
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Members Agreement:
  • By entering the Members Area you are agreeing with the TICA policies as contained on the TICA web-site and the conditions contained within the TICA membership agreement.

  • Membership to TICA is on an individual office basis any company, organisation or partnership with multiple offices must have their own separate membership to TICA.

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